Fashion of the 1800s- Society Balls Top 5 Curiosities

As a photographer, it’s always useful to take some inspiration from the past to grab creativity hints for my shootings. It’s always worthy to dig into the past in order to understand and get a better knowledge of contemporary fashion and society. Literature and history are one of my favourite subjects to study and to take inspiration from.

Do you have in mind all the wonderful scenes described in Jane Austen books?What were the rules?And what about fashion? How did the girls and women get prepared?Let’s see 5 top curiosities that you can use for your shooting as well.

1# The first feature for the dress was “lightness”. The dress had to be light and comfy. Garments had to be light, somehow like the ones for a summer dress.

Picture from Pinterest, Ballgown 1800s

2# Shoulders and arms had to be visible for the young ladies. It was the right opportunity for courtship and showing off.

Picture taken from Wikipedia

3# Men suits were definitely more heavy and less specific than the women ones. The concept was that men didn’t have time to waste time on fashion.

Picture taken from Pinterest

4# Gloves were the must-have of the outfit. they had to match the color of the dress,mainly with light tones and colours.

Picture from Pinterest

5# Hair was decorated with fresh flowers. Of course the most used flowers were roses, followed by viola and country flowers.

Picture taken from Pinterest

What do you think? Would you like to pose or set up a shooting wearing these wonderful old dresses? Let me know and if you enjoyed this article, please share it!

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